Robert Anthony Marquez

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Rob was born and raised in a Filipino family in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Great Falls, Montana, as a young adult where he settled and started a family of his own. But his life began to unravel when he found himself addicted to pain pills due to chronic back and weight issues. Rob entered a faith-based recovery program where he came to know the Lord. Eventually, his journey to recovery led him to Great Falls Rescue Mission where he served as a cook and learned about the education offered at Victory Trade School (VTS). When he discovered VTS would help him attain his high school equivalency diploma (HSE) and a Certificate in Culinary Arts, he packed his bags and moved to Springfield to give VTS a try.

Eighteen months later, Rob has earned both his HSE and a Certificate in Culinary Arts from VTS. He has grown in character, confidence and perseverance and enjoyed the freedom to be creative with his native Filipino cuisine. Through his favorite class, “Hospitality, Human Resource Management & Supervision,” he learned how to interact with others professionally in order to help them succeed. Rob also served as vice president and president of the student body, gaining important leadership experience.

Since graduation, Rob has been hired by Icicle Seafoods as a cook on a processing boat in Alaska where he will be serving 250 to 300 meals, three times a day. “VTS gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the culinary industry. This is a foot in the door where I wouldn’t have had one before,” he says. VTS staff is very proud of Rob and excited to see him take this next big step into the future that God has for him.

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