The HSE Department provides opportunities for individuals without a high school diploma to obtain a certificate of high school equivalency. Students receive tutoring from The K.I.N.D. Place and prepare for the test at their own pace.Victory Trade School’s HSE Department equips students with the necessary life skills and knowledge to succeed after graduation. In addition to preparing for the HSE test, students attend Christian-based classes and work in various internship settings. As with all VTS departments, HSE students are required to live on campus.Successfully obtaining a HSE certificate can serve as a prerequisite for the VTS Culinary Arts department. 2015-16 Catalog

Why get your HSE?

Almost 100% of colleges, organizations, trade schools and employers accept a HSE as they would a traditional high school diploma.

Research shows that employers would rather hire an employee with a HSE because they have demonstrated competency in basic skills and have the discipline to complete a lengthy exam.

HSE earners make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people without one.