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Meet Osbaldo Garcia, better known as Ozzie. He grew up in a tight-knit Mexican family in Blythe, Calif., and cooking alongside his mom. Her recipe for chilaquiles is still his favorite thing to cook.

Ozzie joined a gang at a young age, which led him down a path of addiction and violence. Eventually, he hit rock bottom and wanted out. His older sister took him to Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, where he completed a one-year intensive Christian discipleship and recovery program and learned a lot about setting goals and going after them. Ozzie had always wanted to become a chef, so when he heard about the opportunity to study Culinary Arts at Victory Trade School (VTS), he earned his GED to meet VTS’ admission requirements.

During Ozzie’s time of study, VTS experienced a lot of transition, which brought out his true colors as a natural leader. Serving two terms as president of the student body, he has consistently rallied fellow students to work together. He also modeled diligence in his class work. He says his ServSafe® class has been most beneficial, opening his eyes to the importance of kitchen sanitation. One of his professional goals is to be a conscientious chef to protect the well-being of his customers. He also learned a lot in Hospitality & Marketing about goal setting and strategies for creating a strong business.

One year later, Ozzie has no regrets about his decision to move away from friends and family to live, work and study in an unfamiliar city. “What I love about VTS is that it takes in people with colorful pasts and gives them the knowledge and tools to lead honest, successful lives,” he says. “VTS offered me a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive a quality education, hands-on experience and almost immediate employment without going into debt.” His goals after graduation are to become a certified chef in a fine dining restaurant. VTS is proud of Ozzie. No matter where he goes, he’ll certainly experience success.

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