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Growing up in Lee’s Summit, Mo., Kaitlyn started struggling with drugs and alcohol at age 12. She was always a high-functioning student and maintained a steady job. But she didn’t know the Lord. At 21 she found herself asking God to make Himself known to her. “One night He showed up in a real way,” she explains, when she woke up in the hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning. She realized she had been in an auto accident and somehow had not received a DWI. She promptly started inpatient treatment where she began searching for a faith-based program that would allow her to extend her recovery time while working through challenges that had become roadblocks to building a successful life. That’s how she learned about our New Life Program (NLP) and decided Victory Trade School (VTS) was a good fit.

Since joining the program in 2013, her most meaningful classes have been Communication and Boundaries, which helped her correct wrong perceptions and work through unhealthy issues. The Christian discipleship classes helped her understand what she believes, and now she feels equipped to help others grow in their faith. She is also grateful to be surrounded by stable, available staff and volunteers who offer guidance and wisdom and have taught her about God’s love.

Kaitlyn’s most impacting lab rotation has been in child development, through which she rediscovered her love for children and learned the importance of setting healthy boundaries to help them feel safe and secure and develop into well-balanced adults. The hands-on application provided in this lab rotation inspired her to consider our new Family Science Program (see other side). Kaitlyn believes the opportunity to be the only student to complete both the NLP and Family Science Program will better prepare her for what God has in store for her future. Between her studies, labs and volunteer involvement in two ministries, Kaitlyn has discovered she wants to work with women recovering from addiction, especially those who have children. Upon completion of the Family Science Program, she plans to attain her Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™. Then she hopes to continue her training as either a chemical dependency counselor or a life coach.

“VTS helped me find a new relationship with my family and a whole new life—I am plugged into a church, serving in ministry, growing in the Lord and finally living up to my full potential.” Please help other students like Kaitlyn live up to their full potential by donating to Victory Trade School.

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