Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts department provides intensive training and hands-on experience in all aspects of restaurant operation. Students graduate with six certificates recognized by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and a ManageFirst® professional credential.To download the current course catalog, which includes descriptions of each class, 2016-17 Catalog.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Culinary Arts prepares students for occupations classified under CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code 12.0500 associated with cooking and related general culinary arts. For the 2014-2015 academic year (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015) Culinary Arts had a 100% on-time graduation rate, 79.31% completion rate and an 83.33% placement rate. VTS is based on a social-enterprise model that allows students to graduate with zero debt load through private institutional scholarships. The school does not allow students to apply for federal or private loans. 2014-2015 Gainful Employment Disclosure Statistics: Click Here

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The HSE program exists primarily for those VTS students who desire to be a Culinary Arts student who did not graduate high school or who have never obtained a HSE. HSE is High School Equivalency. Because Victory Trade School is an accredited institute of higher education, a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary to be enrolled.  Thanks to the HSE program prospective students do not have to wait to be a part of VTS until this prerequisite is met.  They can enroll as a HSE candidate and study at the school until they graduate and transition into their desired program area.

The HSE Department provides opportunities for individuals without a high school diploma to obtain a certificate of high school equivalency. Students receive tutoring from The K.I.N.D. Place and prepare for the test at their own pace.

In addition to preparing for the HSE test, students attend Christian-based classes and work in various internship settings. As with all VTS programs, HSE students are required to live on campus.

Why get your HSE?

Almost 100% of colleges, organizations, trade schools and employers accept a HSE as they would a traditional high school diploma.

Research shows that employers would rather hire an employee with a HSE because they have demonstrated competency in basic skills and have the discipline to complete a lengthy exam.

HSE earners make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people without one.